We offer enterprise grade security that small businesses can afford.

Ironclad Information Security Solutions

At Capital Network Solutions (CNS), we go beyond basic security measures like software updates and antivirus protection. By following the cyber security framework outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we offer enterprise-grade security that small businesses can afford.


Cyber Security Risk Assessment

We start by assessing the current security posture of your business. This risk assessment will reveal your security weaknesses and explain how we plan to fix them.

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Vulnerability Scan

Some of the most significant cyber threats exist within your system, not outside. A vulnerability scan will identify security flaws within your online environment.


With new data compliance challenges and increasing threats from hackers, your business needs next-level protection. Our NIST security solutions keep the hackers out and keep your critical data safe.

Multi‐Factor Authentication

Thwart the most common types of cyberattacks by adding an extra layer of sign-in authentication. Cybercriminals steal passwords all the time, but multi-factor authentication still keeps them out.

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Security Awareness Training

The most prominent security risk to American businesses is not cyberattacks, but rather employee negligence. With BullPhish security awareness training, we turn your untrained employees into human firewalls.

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Data Backup Protection

A managed data backup service offers a hands-off, cost-effective, foolproof way to protect and recover company data. Our Barracuda Cloud solutions safeguard your data from cybercriminals and natural disasters alike.

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Thanks to our cutting-edge security solutions, CNS is always on guard. We detect problems before they arise and maintain logs to provide full transparency.


SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service gives you effective zero-day threat protection. We discover and stop unknown threats from making unwanted intrusions into your system.

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Advanced Email Protection

Protect your organization against malicious email messages, as well as attachments, links and tools. The industry-leading Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection investigates and prevents email-related threats.

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Threat Protection and Response

We find and investigate cyberattacks both on-premises and in the cloud. With Azure Advanced Threat Protection, your business gets the real-time security previously reserved for large corporations.

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Security Information Event Management (SEIM)

Stop cyberattacks before they do any damage. Powered by artificial intelligence, Microsoft Azure Sentinel collects data, investigates threats, and responds to security incidents.

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In business, you can hope for the best, but you should always prepare for the worst. That’s why CNS conducts an annual security audit on your organization. We also craft a security breach response plan should the unthinkable ever occur.

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A whopping 60% of small businesses victimized by a cyberattack close shop within six months of the attack. Does your organization have a breach recovery plan in place? At CNS, we help breached businesses get back on their feet and back in business.

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Security Starts with Microsoft 365

Whatever your industry, Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the best way to protect your business against cyber threats. Accessible anywhere and anytime, Microsoft 365 security solutions integrate across all your users, devices, apps and data.

A Microsoft 365 Business Premium account gives your business:

  • Device Encryption
  • Real-Time Email Threat Protection
  • Email Encryption
  • Mobile Device and Application Management
  • Sensitive Information Protection

With Microsoft 365 and Capital Network Solutions, your system always stays secure.

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