If your IT solutions remain outdated, you should start thinking about modernizing the way you do business.  Whether you want to bring more security to your Northern California business or simply enhance productivity, a modern desktop can help.

With a modern desktop, employees get the tools to do more and stay secure.  Malicious data breaches are increasing while new data privacy laws get introduced by regulatory bodies across the world.  Therefore, it becomes essential to use a safe and secure operating environment.  That environment should give employees and staff the ability to communicate effectively and increase productivity.  Take care of your employees and customers by implementing a modern set of tools on a modern set of devices.

Microsoft 365 presents a reliable and affordable solution to all of your contemporary computing problems.  With ironclad security features built into the operating system, Windows 10 protects, detects and responds to the most advanced malware, ransomware and other common cyber threats.

At Capital Network Solutions, Inc., we help you plan and adopt a solution that gives your employees the security and productivity they need to succeed.  We migrated dozens of small and mid-sized Northern California businesses across a variety of industries to Office 365.  Meanwhile, our managed IT services plans provide a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your network.  However, if you only need 24/7 help desk support, we believe that we boast the best team of technicians in the business.

Do you need help managing your business IT?  If so, contact CNS at (916) 366-6566 to set up a free consultation.  Learn more about how we help your business grow and thrive.

In the meantime, check out the PowerPoint presentation linked below to find out how you can empower your employees with Windows 10.

View: Microsoft 365 Powered Device Pilot Datasheet