By now, you know that the proper implementation of technology provides significant benefits to your business, as well as numerous challenges.  However, you might not be familiar with the specific improvements and roadblocks that teamwork technology offers global organizations.

In the Forbes post linked below, Forbes Business Development Council member Sean Hopwood outlines the top technology challenges and benefits.  For the article, Hopwood drew on his experiences as the CEO of Day Translation, Inc., a global translation company.

What are some of the top technology benefits for global corporations, according to Hopwood?

  • Faster and more reliable communication

Dependable and flexible teamwork technology is especially crucial for businesses that operate internationally, as well as those that support remote workers.  With the right tools, business operations never need to get disrupted, no matter where you’re working.  Meanwhile, you can transmit a lot of information in many different ways very quickly.  At the same time, enabling telecommuting can lower HR costs and give your business access to the top talent in the world.

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity

One of the great benefits of technology is that it gives businesses the ability to automate repetitive tasks.  This automation leaves human workers free to work on more complex assignments.

  • Cost reduction and profit boost

With proper implementation, technology will decrease operating costs and help you avoid opportunity costs.  Telecommuting technology also cuts down on the need for business travel, which also dramatically reduces costs.

  • Greater transparency and interconnected operations

Technology gives leaders the ability to integrate business processes seamlessly.  It also makes your tools more accessible, anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Meanwhile, what are the top technology challenges for global corporations?

  • Resistance to change

It’s not always easy to gain employee buy-in when implementing new technologies in the workplace.

  • Lack of or inadequate training

If you want to introduce new technologies to your employees with success, don’t overlook the importance of allocating time and resources to training.

  • Wrong choice of technology

Business leaders may not possess the time, ability and expertise to know how to assess technology purchases with accuracy.  In many cases, it would be smarter and more cost-effective to hire an IT consulting firm.

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In the meantime, click below to read an article by Forbes contributor Sean Hopwood about the top technology challenges and benefits facing global companies.

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