Cybercriminals keep developing increasingly advanced methods of breaching your business network and hijacking your data.  Meanwhile, the field of cyber security awareness training keeps expanding in response.  The top companies in the security awareness training field combine interactive training modules, simulated phishing attacks, real-time reporting and frequent follow-ups.  All this training helps transform your employees into human firewalls.

Standard security measures like spam filters and antivirus software remain indispensable in the fight against hackers.  However, they simply aren’t enough on their own anymore.  A single inattentive and untrained employee could be the weak link that allows cybercriminals into your system.  Therefore, cyber security awareness training is one of the most rapidly expanding fields in the world of managed IT services and solutions.

While every business remains unique, a managed security awareness training program can sharply reduce your vulnerability to phishing attacks and other forms of social engineering.  Listed below are some of the top U.S.-based vendors in the rapidly expanding field of cyber security awareness training.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but it should give you an idea of the various products on the market.

Cyber Security Vendor

ID Agent

ID Agent was recently purchased by Dublin-based Kaseya, a leading provider of IT infrastructure management solutions.  Headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, ID Agent offers a security awareness training product called BullPhish ID.  It not only provides simulated phishing attacks and educational campaigns, it also monitors the Dark Web for stolen credentials.

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Celebrity hacker Kevin Mitnick serves as the Chief Hacking Officer for this company, which specializes in security awareness training.  The company’s slogan: “Human Error.  Conquered.”  Their corporate office is in Clearwater, FL.

Cyber Security Vendor


Security awareness statistics provided by Webroot, a company that first started in 1997, show that programs that combine phishing attack simulations with interactive training sessions are more than twice as effective as programs that offer phishing simulations alone. Webroot’s corporate office is in Broomfield, CO.

Cyber Security Vendor

Barracuda Networks

Founded in 2003, Barracuda is a long-time leader in the data backup protection field. The company entered the cyber security awareness training sphere after acquiring PhishLine in 2018. Their corporate office is in Campbell, CA.

Cyber Security Vendor

Phishing Box

Originally launched in 2005 as a social engineering testing tool for an audit and consulting firm, PhishingBox merged with eLink Design in 2016, kicking off a period of rapid expansion. Their corporate office is in Lexington, KY.

Cyber Security Vendor


In 2018, this long-running enterprise security company acquired Wombat Security, a Pittsburgh-based outfit specializing in phishing attack solutions. Proofpoint serves as the sole data provider for Stanford University. The Proofpoint corporate office is in Sunnyvale, CA.

Phishing Email Vendor


The security training program at Ataata, which was acquired by Mimecast in July 2018, was developed by high-level members of the American military, law enforcement and intelligence communities. Ataata’s corporate office is in Bethesda, MD.

Phishing Email Vendor


On the market since 2008, Cofense’s PhishMe product is employed by 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and over 29,000,000 end-users across the world. The Cofense corporate office is in Leesburg, VA.

Phishing Training


CEO Nick Santora used to be the cyber security advisor at NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation), the organization that protects the power grid in North America.  Curricula was founded in 2015, and the corporate office is in Atlanta, GA.

Phishing Email Vendor


In operation since 2008, PhishLabs provides a training program that involves anti-phishing microlearning, general security microlearning and phishing simulations.  The simulations get “based on real-world threats that are likely to land in inboxes.” The PhishLabs corporate office is in Charleston, SC.

Cyber Security Vendor

Secure Mentem

This company trains its staff in “human elicitation as a science.” In addition to simulated phishing attacks, they also offer espionage simulations developed using former Special Forces operatives and ex-members of the Intelligence community. Their corporate office is in Annapolis, MD.

Information Technology Training

InfoSec Institute

Founded in 1998, InfoSec has trained over 160,000 individuals in over 100 different IT-related courses. The InfoSec IQ security awareness training tool grades users on 22 “measurable security behaviors.” InfoSec’s corporate office is in Madison, WI.

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