In the modern digital age, we need to start focusing on employees as the greatest drivers of growth.  The best way to do this is to help employees be more productive.  But how do you increase workplace productivity at your small to medium-sized business?

Of course, defining workplace productivity when it comes to human performance is difficult.  Obviously, many factors can positively and negatively affect performance.

Employee productivity is an assessment of efficiency.  Still, you need to take the quality of the work into account, not just the speed.  High levels of employee productivity get linked to high levels of employee happiness and mental well-being.


Creative strategist, social entrepreneur and mental health campaigner Dr. Pragya Agarwal extensively studied the connections between employee satisfaction and employee productivity.  In the Forbes article linked below, Dr. Agarwal outlines two factors driving employee satisfaction: creativity and ergonomics.

Dr. Agarwal argues that businesses that encourage employee creativity have happier workers.  Meanwhile, ergonomic designs create a comfortable place for people to perform their work.  Your employees use their computers every day.  Therefore, implementing a modern desktop is one solution to increase employee productivity through flexibility and connectivity.

At Capital Network Solutions, we are adept at helping companies just like yours to implement modern desktop solutions.  We can help you design a workplace strategy that supports and enables efficient, happier and healthier employees by implementing a mobile, modern desktop. With years of experience assisting Northern California businesses to manage their tech needs, we can help ensure your employees reach their peak performance.

Additionally, our managed IT service plans prevent business disruption and downtime, another way to keep your employees happy and productive.  Contact us at (916) 366-6566 to find out how we can help maximize employee productivity at your small to medium-sized Sacramento business.

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