It’s no secret that cyberattacks are bad for business.

Security breaches and their business impacts make the headlines frequently, underscoring the need for more stringent security.  One in five organizations has lost customers as a result of a cyberattack, while nearly 30 percent have lost revenue.  At the same time, roughly one-third of U.S. businesses reported a data breach of customer information at some point.

Meanwhile, 74 percent of IT leaders say that security concerns hold them back from moving to the cloud.

“Exposing the Top 4 Myths of Cloud Security (Get Started with Office 365)” is a downloadable eBook that dispels some of the most common misconceptions about the Microsoft cloud.

Chief among the myths: “We don’t need to worry because we haven’t had a problem so far.”  Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy, and waiting to do something until it’s too late is a dangerous business plan.  Every business should assume that there are active attempts to breach its network.

Exposing the top 4 myths of cloud security

With Windows 10 and Office 365, you get a trusted technology partner with up-to-date tools and capabilities.  Office 365 provides you a secure entry into the cloud.  Some of the security capabilities include data encryption and redundancy, the ability to manage user logins with Azure Active Directory, Security Incident Response and Advanced Threat Protection.  Meanwhile, fully integrated tools like Microsoft Teams take your organization’s collaboration capabilities to the next level.

Microsoft patches over 1 billion Windows devices, scans 400 billion emails for malware and processes 450 billion authentications every month.  In a world of pervasive cyber threats, it makes sense to trust the experts in cloud security.

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